Consign Your Furniture

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How it Works

As our name implies, we gladly accept consigned furniture and jewelry.


Furnishings and items must exhibit minimal wear and tear, boast exceptional quality, and originate from non-smoking households. To ensure a streamlined and successful sales process, it’s essential that these items hold broad appeal to our diverse consumer base.

As a general guideline, when objectively assessing your item on a scale from 1 to 10, Consign Furniture typically considers pieces with quality ratings of 8, 9, or 10. Our team of drivers is extensively trained to assess and accept items in accordance with these quality standards.

Please note that during the pick-up process, the acceptance of your items rests entirely at the discretion of our drivers, who may consider factors such as concealed damage, odors, and the potential for successful resale.

Submit Your Consignment

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  • Share your treasures with us! Feel free to send us pictures via email or bring them in person to the store! Our email is consignfurniturell@gmail.com
  • We encourage you to either bring your items to our location or arrange for Consign Furniture to schedule a convenient pick-up time.
  • Each of your items will be assigned both a high and a low price, which we will not go below when selling!
  • We’ll seek your approval for the pricing before your items are displayed on the sales floor.
  • Your contract with us spans a generous 100 days, offering ample time for your items to find their new home, and should you require more time, extensions are available upon request
  • In the context of our 100-day contract, all proceeds from sales occurring within the initial 100 days will be sent to you in a check, typically around the 110th day from the start of the consignment period!